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Just recently my church had our first youth beach trip for the summer of 2016. It was a blast to be able to serve these teens. This year the bus was completely full. Somehow we were able to fit everyone including several leaders in the bus. We were crammed in like sardines yet we still were comfy somehow.

Throughout this beach trip I realized how much of an impact I have on these young adults. I’m not one who is into anything political and honestly I’ve stayed silent about the “black lives matter” subject and what happened to those officers in Dallas. However, through what has happened this past couple weeks, I have realized that I must really pay close attention to my friendships.

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This world is becoming a very dangerous place a little bit more everyday. Tomorrow or even an hour from now is promised to no one. And this trip made me think about how I’m connecting to these teens. Right now is where I should be encouraging them in God’s word. Pointing them to Christ when tragic things happen in the world. Encouraging them to love themselves and who God has made them rather than focus on having the right image.

The internet is always going to influence people, especially teens, on how to act, look, or think but I want to show them all these things through God’s word because the only voice they should be listening to is God’s still small voice. I don’t want these young adults to be afraid of this world but to live out the life God has intended for them that they might be a light in this crazy world we live in.

So I encourage you as a teen, parent, sister, brother, leader, or whatever your role is in God’s will, to help fellow Christians see what God has intended for their lives. It so easy to get caught up in our emotions but I know God desires for us to think like him; to read His scripture and see what he says about war and suffering. Jesus Christ’s returning is near and we should do all that we can to help one another stay focussed on that narrow road; to stay focussed on God when everything around you is crumbling. I pray that we do not loose sight of God no matter how dark this world becomes.

Isabel Marie

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