You Are Beautiful

You Are Beautiful

This is to the girl out there who is worried about self image. Who feels like the world is pressuring her to be something that she is not. Everyday I see girls on social media or the internet who dream about looking like the Kardashians or look at singers like Ariana Grande and believing that these people are how they should look. These young ladies alter themselves to have the “perfect” body, “perfect” lips, or “perfect” life. But in reality these so called “role models” are not the best examples for impressionable teenagers.

These celebrities paint this picture of life that seems flawless. And of course who wouldn’t want a life that is flawless. However, in reality these famous people have normal struggles just like you and me but it is sugar coated with makeup and acting. They will only show you the sides that they want you to see which intern makes teenagers believe that celebrities have this “perfect” life.

1 Samuel 16:7 says, “But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” Ladies, God sees you as his precious daughter. He wants you to be the best version of yourself not a copy of someone else. What God is looking for is a heart dedicated to Him. A heart that cannot be swayed by what the world thinks.

I know I am definitely guilting of wishing that certain features of mine were as flawless as certain celebrities but when I put that all aside I remember that I have a heavenly Father that loves me for me and who sees the real natural beauty that I am. I don’t need overly plump lips or a thin figure to define who I am. I don’t need caked on makeup to make my face appear flawless, even though I absolutely love wearing makeup because it’s so much fun to put on. But that’s not the point I’m trying to make. I know that my worth is in Jesus Christ. All that God asks of me is to take care of my body, not abuse it with worry over if I am living up to this world’s standards.

In the above picture you will see my face without any makeup. I use to struggle with leaving the house with no makeup on but in the past year I have challenged myself to not wear makeup because 1) wearing makeup everyday is not healthy for my face, 2) I have sensitive skin that needs to breathe every once in a while, and 3) because I’m tired of worrying over what people think of my uneven tone and acne filled face. God sees the real beauty is in my heart not my outside appearance.

So I want to encourage you as a woman, no matter your age, to take whatever self conscious feelings you have and wear it proud. All God cares about is if you have a straight and narrow walk with Him and that you’re taking care of yourself. So I’m going to take uneven skin tone and acne filled face and wear it proud because I have a Father who loves me for me. He sees my true beauty even when people judge me. God loves each and every one of us no matter our shape or size. I pray this message blesses you deeply and helps you understand your worth in Christ!


Published by herlifegodsway

Christian blogger living in Southern California. Enjoying the life God has given me in hope of seeing my Creator one day.

4 thoughts on “You Are Beautiful

  1. Your blogs are inspiring!! Continue to share what’s on your heart even if the world or people say it shouldn’t be shared do what God tells you to do. Thank you for being you and encouraging everyone with your blogs! Have a blessed day!!

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