A Father’s Compassion 

“As a father shows compassion to his children, so the Lord shows compassion to those who fear him.” ~ Psalms‬ ‭103:13‬ ‭ESV‬‬

Dad, daddy, father, papa are all the names I have called my dad. In my eyes, he will always be my number one man here on earth. His love for his family is far greater than any other man. He hates to see any of his girls sad or angry. In fact, he tries to make us laugh when we’re hurting even if it doesn’t work right away. He is kind and respectful to the people around him. He’s a jokester and a friend to all. 

My dad has a very busy life however, he is always there supporting my sister, mom, and me when we have to do worship at church. He makes it a point to not take his work home with him so that he can spend time with us. And if he does bring work home with him then he always makes sure to get it done first thing so he has more time with us. 

I love to watch my dad help coach football on Saturdays. The young boys respect and love my dad. He shows them compassion and Christ’s love while giving them instructive advice. He has never raised his voice to those boys or even to his own family. He is always there for his mom, making sure she is well taken care of. He will wake up at 6am on his day off to help his mom with plumbing issues or if she needs help repairing something. 

I love my dad so much! He has been the shoulder I have cried many tears on. He has been that shoulder from when my grandma Milly died to when a boy broke my heart for the first time. He has comforted me to no end and he still does. I know it was hard for him to see me decide not to continue with college. He always wanted the best for me and to see me at my maximum potential. We constantly butted heads about college however, he respected my decision and now I believe our relationship is even stronger and closer. And I believe he has seen my maximum potential. Maybe not in the academic field the way he imagined but more so in my relationship with God. 

Now today as we celebrate your birthday I want to thank you for your constant support and prayer. For your compassion and love that you have shown me and the people around you. If there was an extra chapter of Proverbs that described how the husband of the house should be then I believe it would perfectly describe you! I love you so so much! No other man can replace the love I have for you! ❤️ 

Published by herlifegodsway

Christian blogger living in Southern California. Enjoying the life God has given me in hope of seeing my Creator one day.

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