Summer Madness

Oh my goodness! These past several months have been so busy! I was hoping to post more often throughout the summer but obviously God had other plans. I literally have been writing a little bit of this post at a time since June started. A lot has changed since my last post so this post is going to be an update on my life these past several months.

First off, I turned 20 in July and it was such a blessing to celebrate with my family and the staff at my old job (more on this later). Also, my boyfriend and I celebrated 2 years of courting!!! ❤️ It’s amazing how much we have grown in the Lord together and how He is blessing the relationship!

During the end of July I was blessed enough to participate in my church’s VBS (vacation bible school). I got to serve alongside some amazing teens and adults and make some new friends along the way and it honestly was a great stress reliever for me to just be able to serve God through this ministry. And the week centered around Hebrews 11:1 which talked on faith. If you couldn’t tell, I really love the topic of faith. Although, I’m definitely going to try to discuss other topics as well.

Once it hit August, it felt like a race to do as much as we could before my sister went back to school. So we had a paddle boarding/beach day with a few close friends which was probably the most fun I have ever had with these people and the fellowship was such a blessing! Then we had another beach day with our youth pastor and the youth leaders we served with. Then before I knew it it was September!

September is literally a blur in my mind and me tell you why: I started a new job. As most of you know I used to work at my church’s bookstore. I was there for a little over a year and a half and I learned so much from that job. Other than taking care of my neighbor’s house, when they left on vacations, with my sister, this was my first real job. Near the middle to end of my first and last semester of college, my mom and I were both quietly praying that I would be able to get a job in the bookstore. We never mentioned this to anyone and out of no where we get a call from my uncle, the manager of the bookstore, asking me if I was interested in having a job at the store. I could hardly contain my excitement. I learned a lot of valuable lessons within this past year and a half.

Since I had dropped out of college, I had to start paying for my own portion of car insurance and pay for my own gas (prior to any of this, my parents paid for everything for me). I learned how to spend my money wisely and to budget my expenses. I learned important people skills and retail tips that will forever stick with me because I can’t go into a store now without fixing the shelves. But overall, this job helped me grow in my walk with God. College left me spiritually drained and empty. I lost the passion I once had for serving and studying God’s word. This job was an all access pass to hundreds of books that supported scripture, which helped answer a lot of questions and concerns I had. This job was not just a job to me, it helped save my walk with God from going in the wrong direction.


Now you can imagine how hard it was for me to come to the decision to leave and pursue a new career. During August, the Lord had put it in my heart to start looking for a new job. I cried a lot because I loved working at the bookstore but God was pointing me in a new direction. I knew I wouldn’t be at the bookstore forever but I never thought it would come so soon. Once I made peace with what the Lord was telling me to do, I started to consider my options. I looked into several different job categories until my boyfriend told me that the school he works at had two job openings. I always knew I wanted to do something with kids but I never knew what so I was very excited to see what positions were available at the school. One position was for daycare and after school care and the other was an Admissions Director (recruiting) position. I applied to both during the last to second week of August before school started for them. By the end of that week I would officially be sending my two weeks notice and getting ready to start working at my new job and yes…. I got both positions! My last two weeks at the bookstore were definitely bitter-sweet. I was going to miss seeing the same faces every week and see customers who have completely blessed my life. But I was also excited to start a new career journey.

It has officially been seven weeks since I started this job and I can honestly say that these kids bring so much joy to my life. I wake up at 4:50 every morning (I know, it’s a weird time to wake up) and I’m out in El Monte by 6:45. I listen to K-Wave every morning and Pastor Tony Evan’s studies have really been helping me start my mornings off right. I have so much peace about this job and I know that this is where God wants me to be.

So now you are caught up! I know it was a lot and I haven’t posted more frequently then I would have liked to but thanks for sticking around! It means a lot that you have stayed with me this long. And for sure this time, I plan on posting at least once a month with more posts on studying scripture and I’m still continuing my You Are… series.

So till next time,

Isabel Marie ♥

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“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

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