Is God Egocentric?

Egocentric: having or regarding the self or the individual as the center of all things. Having little or no regard for interests, beliefs, or attitudes other than one’s own; self-centered.

This week I started fall semester at my school. I’m taking a biological anthropology course and of course on the first day of lecture my professor was completely bashing Christianity. She was talking about how our founding fathers were egocentric for believing that God had called them to cross the ocean and to pursue a land where they could pursue their own beliefs, Christianity, while taking away the Native Americans’ land in the process. She went on to categorize Christianity with other religions saying that all religions were included in the idea of egocentrism.

I could literally feel my blood boiling. I knew eventually I would have to sit in class where my professor would bash Christianity but I never thought it would come during the first lecture. During the lecture I was mentally arguing with her the entire time but then I reminded myself of Luke 23:34 which states, “Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” And they divided His garments and cast lots.” I realized that she doesn’t know that Christianity is a personal relationship with God not a religion. And she doesn’t know that God gives us the choice to pursue Him.

In Deuteronomy 30, Moses plainly tells the Israelites how they can obtain a full life and escape death which is just by loving the Lord and doing all that He asks. He tells the Israelites how God will bless them but Moses also warns the Israelites of the cost of worshipping other gods and how that life will lead to death and destruction. Throughout the scripture, neither Moses nor God forced the Israelites to choose. Both paths of life were laid out and the Israelites had the free will to choose which path to take. Additionally, we see in Matthew 16:24-25 it says, “Then Jesus said to His disciples, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me.  For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.” Key word here is desires. Neither God in heaven, Jesus as a man, or the Holy Spirit as our conscience has forced anyone to do anything.

God is not egocentric. He is a jealous God and wants you all to Himself but He doesn’t force you and I to stay with Him. We choose to stay with Him. If His children fall away, He lets them go and prays that they will come back to Him. He doesn’t force us to stay once we make that decision to be with Him. In His word, He shows us all the blessings of being with Him and He also shows us that a life without Him may seem great at first but long term, it will lead to destruction, heartache, and eternal separation from God.

We live in a world where people believe they are the center of the universe. Where people think, “what can you do to benefit me?” As humans born as sinners we can so easily be egocentric but God doesn’t think that way. He doesn’t look for us to benefit Him but instead He wants to benefit us. He sent down His only begotten Son to save us from a life of destruction. He is altruistic.

Altruistic: unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others.

I know that I am so blessed to have a God who will come along side me during this semester and give me the strength I need to continue with this class. I want be altruistic like God so that I can show my professors and peers that God is not egocentric. My professor mentioned how religions are egocentric and can be hostile to other religions because they think their’s is the best. 1) Christianity is not a religion. It is a personal relationship with God. 2) I can disagree with people while still giving them respect and love just as God bestows it upon me. 3) I can write the way my professors want me to but I don’t have to believe it to be true. Every single time the world has tried to make me feel bad for my choices, I remind myself of these three things. God never said life would be easy once you follow after Him but He never said we would do it alone.

“Life with God is not immunity from difficulties but peace within difficulties.” ~ C.S. Lewis

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Christian blogger living in Southern California. Enjoying the life God has given me in hope of seeing my Creator one day.

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